Misrata Medical Journal (MMJ)

 Instructions to the Author

These requirements are in accordance with the uniform requirement of manuscript submitted to medical journals.

A-Manuscript preparation:

Submit all categories of articles on CD in Microsoft word format. Electronic submission by E-mail is strongly recommended. Manuscript will double spaced on standard size (A4) on one side of the paper only with at least 25 mm margins. This includes references lists, tables, and figures. Number of pages consecutively in this order beginning with the title page, abstract, text, acknowledgments, references. Tables and figures should adjusted  immediately after their presentation in the text.

Complete the submission form which specifies, (i) the type of submission [research, case report, continuous medical education, author’s experience], (ii) the responsible author and his or her complete mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, (iii) a statement by the responsible author certifying that, (i) all co-authors have seen and agree to the contents of the manuscript, (ii) the article has not been published, accepted or under consultation for publication in any other journal, (iii) the agreement about any adjustment advised by the reviewer or the journal editors, (iv) the authors are fully responsible for the contents of the article from the medico legal point of view.

On the title page provide a title of 60 spaces or less. List each author’s full name, institutional affiliation and address. Indicate to whom reprint requests and communication should be sent. All manuscripts must be submitted in acceptable English grammar.


Provide an abstract from 150 up to 250 words for researches and review articles. The abstract should be organized with background, purpose(s) of the study, basic procedure(s), results and conclusions. Clinical review article, abstracts should summarize the contents of review articles.

Include a list of up to  key words or short phrases and subject for indexing.


The references should be written in Vancouver Referencing Style, updated and limited to essential. Please make sure that references are numbered consecutively in order of citation and typed double-spaced. Please list all authors if there are six or less; otherwise list only the first three, followed by ‘et al’.


Type table double-spaced, provide a table number and title for each. Provide a footnote to each table identifying all abbreviations used. Do not embed tables as graphic file, document object or pictures.

Illustrations and Figures:

Each figure should have a label indicating top, figure number and first author.

For graphic, diagram, line drawing … etc. artwork should be done professionally. Labeling should allow for legibility following reduction to column width.


Type double space. Identify at the end of each figure in alphabetical order all abbreviations in the figure described.

For Microphotography, indicate the stain used and use an internal scale marker.

B-Case Report:

Case report will be considered for publication only if it concern unorganized condition or offer new insight into pathophysiology, diagnosis or treatment of a disease. The abstract of case reports should not exceed 100 words and over all text not exceed 2000 words including tables, figures and references.

C-Letter to the editor:

A letter to editor may be response to a published article or may comment on a controversial issue. Letters should be brief, less than 250 words and undergo peer review.

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